Kukri announced for The King of Fighters 15


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After doing things differently for nearly a month with the Gamescom and Ash Crimson trailers, we’re seemingly back to our regularly scheduled programming of announcements for The King of Fighters 15.

Tonight, SNK revealed that the cooky Kukri will be the next fighter to officially join the roster of KOF15 via a new gameplay trailer.

As one can kinda expect from returning KOF14 newcomers now, Kukri appears to retain pretty much everything he had going for him in the previous game with some new options to give him a fresh look.

The hooded dude still focuses on his control over sand, so we can see him use the same abilities to use the grains as projectiles, propel himself for spin kicks or create clones.

While a good number of the cast have received new Climax Supers for KOF15, Kukri seems to simply keep all of his Supers from KOF14 though we only get to see the start-up of the big one at the end of the trailer.

One thing that does look a bit different now is Kukri appears a bit less serious and instead more eccentric like he was portrayed as in SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy as the main antagonist of the spin-off.

Though he was joined up with Sylvie Paula Paula and Mian in KOF14, he’s much more likely to be part of a new team for the upcoming tournament.

It was revealed in his previous ending that Kukri was working for / with Elisabeth to revive Ash Crimson back to the world of the living, so they’ll probably form a new group for KOF15.

You can check out Kukri’s full gameplay trailer below as well as some lovely 4K screenshots of the boy in action.

Kukri KOF15 image #1

Kukri KOF15 image #2

Kukri KOF15 image #3

Kukri KOF15 image #4

Kukri KOF15 image #5

Kukri KOF15 image #6

Kukri KOF15 image #7

Kukri KOF15 image #8

Kukri KOF15 image #9

Click images for larger versions

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